We launch and look
after companies.
Because it rocks.


Schöne Töchter GmbH is a holding.
We don’t like the term either,
but that’s what it is.

We are looking for intriguing companies we can support and invest in. Yes, we do have a focus on digital products and services, as this is where we come from. However, ‘digital’ is not really the deciding factor. Decisions are largely based on whether it feels good.

No, we do not invest in companies to suck them dry. We want to accompany them as they grow under their own steam and with our contribution. If we are needed, as a holding or simply as human beings, we are there. Like a parent for their daughters. Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it?

based in Reutlingen

founded 1995






Our daughters

The most important thing is:
We’re immensely proud of our daughters.

Of course, there is much more to say about them besides just listing their names.

But we’ll go ahead and do that anyway to make the search engines happy:

21TORR GmbH, Logic Joe GmbH, arocom GmbH, Dorten GmbH, ICONY GmbH & DatingCafe GmbH. NextDBI AG, Gastro 3000 GmbH  & wewave.

Join the Group

We are always interested in new daughters.

We are looking for ideas and companies that fill gaps in our group’s portfolio and locations. Off the top of our head:


Social Media, KI, Data Mining & Analytics, Online Marketing Automation, 3D Visualisierung & Animation, Blockchain … bring it on.


What if it doesn’t cover a blind spot? We might still do it, if it’s a match in the broadest sense of the word. As long as we can get excited about it and believe in it.*


To put it bluntly, though: We are looking for serious and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to work as part of a network. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a lot of fun.


Join our team.

If you would like to become a part of the Schöne Töchter team please click on the button below.


You will find all our open positions on the German job page and on the career pages of our Daughters.

initiative application

Speculative application

Specific job offers can only ever cover the needs we already know about or needs we can anticipate at the time of writing. But there are other people we might need in the future. Or right now. We just don’t know it yet, because we haven’t met them. Which is precisely why we want to meet them.


DMs are open: